Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Am I cool enough to have my own blog?

The answer....

Probably not.

I mean, I live in an extremely small town. It's practically a village (but not quite a hamlet). I never go out, ever. And I own approximately 3 pairs of pants.

I'm probably really boring.

But in my head I'm a size 2 trendy (who owns many pants) jet-setter who travels to far flung places and eats octopus for lunch while chatting with artists about the meaning of life....

 In reality, I'm probably somewhere in the middle (not really). I don't know what size I am. I may not own pants but I have many dresses. My town is small, but I'm only 50 minutes from the nearest city (only. Ha!) so it all evens out.

I'm currently planning my wedding which is, to say the least, almost planning me instead. I only work casually at the local credit union, so I have LOTS of time on my hands to think. About wedding things. And....other things. I like to think about food, and exercise, travel and different entrepreneurial skills that I don't have. Perhaps this is where my thoughts will go down.