Wednesday, March 20, 2013

food IS medicine, you fuckers!

Lately I've been living off potatoes and cheese.

It is terrible, and no good. I'm officially done with shitty eating. I'm determined to turn my life around. I can't be unhappy anymore. Yoga and puppies and art make me happy. This is what I will concentrate on. And good clean food.

Big C's mom called this past Sunday to let us know that she was really unhappy with our wedding invitations. This call took place 2 weeks after they had been mailed out to the guests. Way to upset the bride, bitch, way to go.

The problem she had with it was that her name is on the same line as her ex-husband, as the parents of Big C. Apparently their names being on the same line makes it seem like they are still together? I don't know. They've been divorced for 25 years. She's been remarried for 20 years. Everyone in Big C's family knows this. My family knows this. All our friends know this. I don't know who the fuck would think that they're a couple. If she can't differentiate between being the mother and father of the groom and being a couple, then that's her problem, not mine. She is totally entitled to her opinion, but that doesn't mean she has to be mean about it. I agonized over invitations. I researched for weeks on proper wording for divorced parents of the groom. The major consensus was to put the parents on the same line with their different names. Yes, we didn't include Big C's stepdad, but we had talked about it. We could have made it work if Big C had wanted his name on there, but he didn't because he doesn't consider his step-dad a father figure, but sees him as his mom's husband.


Anyways, I was really upset and bawled my eyes out because what she did was phone and basically hurt my feelings and baffle Big C. It was totally unproductive and usless and hurtful. If it had really meant something to her she should have said something earlier. You DON'T call 2 weeks after they've been mailed out to berate the bride and groom for their choice!


Anyways, I'm really tired right now. I've had a glass of wine with my potatoes and cheese (becuase I'm SO healthy..... :(  but seriously, I'm starting now. Watch me be the most annoying documenting healthy eater EVER) and I'm in bed and everything (even though I'm fully dressed) but I've got to put some socks on and head to the bar to play darts. Heck yes! Coffee and water!