Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crazy People. Is it just me, or has everyone gone stupid?


Last time I came on here, it was to rant about how unhappy I am about this wedding planning show.

It hasn't changed, although I have lost some weight, thanks to The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation. 5 pounds so far, to be exact. And it's only week one! That alone makes me happy. My dress WILL fit!

Next stop is menswear. After looking around the Moores' site I'd like something like this:


Except without the handkerchief. Doesn't need a boutonniere AND a handkerchief.  I'm thinking a navy tie and white vest for the groomsmen, and a white vest/white tie for Big C.

Or maybe something like this:

Like still grey, but a shade darker. Platinum, I think they called it. I think with a dark tie (navy) it will look fine. If they don't have navy, then I'll just get them all to wear silver vest/tie and Big C can have a white one. Actually mulberry looks kinda nice, with the grey. Except these are manly men. Don't know how they feel about mulberry and grey...

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