Thursday, June 5, 2014

A month without...

I love chocolate.
I love it so much.

All those eecards about chocolate and food? It's like they're talking about me. I just freakin love food, and if it has chocolate? I'm stunk.

A little bit of chocolate is never a bad thing. Hey, I love dark chocolate and 2 squares with some almonds and coconut oil? Delicious!


Lately chocolate has become a burden on my back. And stomach. And thighs.

It's no good.

I have a sweet tooth that's the size of Quebec.Quebec

It's huge. Fruits, candy, and baking, oh my! Although I hardly ever eat packaged junk food anymore (thanks primal blueprint!) I have a weak spot for baked goods and fruit. Fruit I can handle because it's hard to overeat, but baked good? Feh, I could eat 4 muffins before I realize I feel sick and back off. It's not healthy.

And now I'm starting to do the same thing with chocolate. It's gotten so bad that I'm melting a small bowl of chocolate chips and eating it straight up, with a spoon.

So, considering that this is totally unhealthy, and I don't want my son being around someone who does this repeatedly, and I would like to lose weight, I've decided to go without chocolate for a whole month. This is mostly to prove to myself that I can.

I already have instigated a 'no wheat' diet to stop binging on bagels and other delicious baked goods that are terrible for my skin and waistline, so I'm adding chocolate to the ban. I'll be talking about this quite a bit, I'm sure, since I tend to obsess about food. But hopefully it's a funny obsession and not the 'boy, she is sure loser-bait' obsession...

So. It is 2:51pm Thursday afternoon, June 5, 2014. No wheat and no chocolate. God and Goddess help us all.
Goodbye my love...

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