Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

This weekend was all about R & R!

On Saturday the day started out warm, as +30 C temps rolled into our village. Big C and I went for a walk in the morning with the baby and the dog to check out what was new around town. We stopped at the local grocery store for weekend ingredients and then made our way back home to do a few indoor chores.

After lunch we all went outside to enjoy a backyard bonfire while relaxing on our canopy swing. As it was the summer solstice, I wanted to commemorate it with a fire. We managed to weed part of our garden in between enjoying the flames and feeding Little C. As we were up so late the night before, watching movies and eating popcorn, and up so early with Little C, this night we were in bed by 10:30pm.

Sunday we all woke up later than usual and enjoyed a lazy morning. Once we were all up and dressed we hopped in the car and drove East to Ma's Drive Inn, located in Elm Creek. The owner is an acquaintance of ours and every year he hosts a fundraiser, where 100% of the weekend's profits are given to a great charity, 'Children's Wish'. This charity raises money to grant children aged 3-17 who are terminally ill a wish they desire. By far the most popular wish is a trip to Disney World.

 Little C enjoying his first Drive Inn experience with his Grandpa C, who drove out from Winnipeg to lunch with us!

After spending a few hours at the drive inn and visiting with friends, we made our way to my parents' house, as they were puppysitting Peggy Sue. We had supper and visit with my family and drove home at about 8pm. By that time the bathtub was calling Little C's name to splish splash, and then hit the hay!

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