Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Operation Beautiful Bride

Yes, I know it's stupid. But there ya have it. We're all pretty stupid so let's just go with it. Most women watch their weight and have their own beauty treatments and love pretty clothes. I'm going to admit that I want the same things.

In 5 days I am going to try on my wedding gown. We're also picking out bridesmaid dresses. I'm thinking navy blue. I'm also thinking that I am going to be the fattest, most flabbiest person there. And that is completely and totally depressing.

So I HAVE to change this. Hence Operation Beautiful Bride.

I'm not sure where to start. There are so many things I need to change. I guess the first thing would be meal portions. And cutting out grains and processed sugar within those meals.

Second thing is exercise. What is proper? Does walking count, or is that extra? Should I start a small routine and then build up from there? Research...

I've already started my meals today. I'm sad to say that they were not on my agenda, but it seemed to be appropriate for my stomach, even though in my mind I knew they were not.

I suppose I ought to try and be more mindful as well.

I could probably re-name this whole blog Confessions of a Lazy Fart. Such is my activity level. I'm not a gamer or a couch potato. I just lead a really boring life. If I'm not at my desk working, I'm reading my books or driving in my car. I need to do more things that involve heavier physical activity than typing on a keyboard.

So what's the key? What unlocks the door to the room of thinness?

Or is it like a city apartment, with 7 different locks and two deadbolts?

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